Our Story: Igniting the Women's Health Education Revolution

In the bustling heart of London, an enchanting tale unfolded as the paths of two remarkable women converged in a twist of fate that was nothing short of serendipitous. Meet Siera and Clara, two kindred spirits with an unwavering passion for women's health, whose journey would soon set ablaze a mission to enhance women's health literacy.

It all began in 2020, a year marked by global uncertainty. At Imperial College London, these two dynamic individuals were fervently chasing their dreams, albeit from different realms. Siera, a powerhouse of ambition, was not only pursuing her MBA but also donning the mantle of President of the Healthcare Business Club. On the other side of the spectrum, Clara, pursuing a Master of International Health Management, was charting a course through the intricate pathways of healthcare, armed with an unshakeable commitment to make a difference.

Fast forward to February 2023, and destiny decided that their worlds should intertwine once more. Siera found herself on a mission, seeking out clinicians for a project that transcended mere projects; it was her passion incarnate. The project's name, "Girl You Need To Know This," would soon become synonymous with the women's health revolution. In a fateful alignment of stars, Clara, a pharmacist by trade, found herself at the intersection of opportunity and purpose. Their shared dedication to women's well-being became the cosmic glue that united them.

Clara (left) and Siera (right) recording at the Spotify Studios in London.

But the story doesn't pause here. July 2023 marked a momentous chapter in their lives. Together, they took their shared vision, dreams, and a treasure trove of knowledge, weaving it into the very fabric of their business. This was no ordinary business; it was a mission, a movement, a force of transformation. In unity, they breathed life into their shared dream, creating a platform destined to forever reshape the women's health landscape.

And thus, "Girl You Need To Know This" (GYNTKT) was born, not as a mere idea but as a beacon of hope and knowledge. What was once a flicker within the hearts of Siera and Clara had now grown into the flames of revolution. Their joint venture was designed to offer employers a unique opportunity to empower their workforce through educational sessions focused on the foundational components of women's health. It was a safe space for the wider community to learn and engage. Their mission? To transform lives, ignite conversations, empower individuals, and challenge the status quo.

The story of Siera and Clara is not just a story; it is an adventure, a journey, a testament to passion, perseverance, and an unwavering belief in their ability to make a difference. Together, they are forging a trail, leaving an indelible mark, and inspiring all of us to take charge of our health and well-being.